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3:1 Medium Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubes Dia. 115mm-34mm

SKU: 65392
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Brand: KBT
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10-49 5%$65.85
50+ 10%$62.39
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Select Quantity Discount Price per piece
10-49 5%$65.85
50+ 10%$62.39
Voltage: up to 1kV
Dia. Before Shrink (mm): 115
Weight: 0.070000
Colour: Black
Glue Lined: Yes
Flame Retardant: No
Halogen Free: No

Product description

Medium Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubes CTTK - a special kind of high-class medium wall adhesive lined tubes with extended shrink coefficient from 3:1 to 4: 1, designed for insulation, corrosion protection and sealing of contact joints.

CTTK (KBT) tubes wall thickness is almost two times more than ТТК 4:1, which provides exceptional mechanical strength and resistance to abrasive deterioration

The extended shrinkage factor allows the use of heat shrink tubing CTTK for installation on cables and twists with complex reliefs and with even greater level differences, than in the case of TTK 4:1.

Whole inner surface of the tubes CTTK is evenly coated with a layer of hot melt adhesive, by coextrusion. Its presence provides a reliable seal of the contact connections and gives them additional mechanical strength after shrinkage.

Melting and filling all the irregularities of the microrelief by hot-melt glue makes the cable assembly as monolithic leakproof structure. Due to a specific composite, including Eva (ethylene vinyl acetate), provides excellent adhesion to many surfaces and materials.

These properties make CTTK tubes extremely popular for mounting on profiles with complex shapes and/or in the presence of special requirements for leakproofness and protection against mechanical stress.

This group of adhesive lined tubes is issued in black color and possesses high stability to ultraviolet and weather conditions. The form of delivery of a heat shrink tubes CTTK differs in variability of lengths, depending on its sizes – tubes from 8/2 to 95/25mm inclusive are delivered in cutting - 1 meter length, and from 115/34 to 200/55 – 1,22 meters length.

The quantity in the package also depends on the diameters (up to size 75/20mm in one package there are - 10 tubes, and all other sizes – by 5 pieces).

CTTK tube is not the first year, successfully used in a number of industries when performing electrical work for marking and banding wiring, assembly and anticorrosive protection of contact connections.


Part Number

NameNominal diameter (mm)

Wall thickness after shrinkage (mm)*

The optimal range of shrinkage (mm)Packing
(cutting, m)
(quantity of pieces in a polybag)
Before shrinkage
D not less
After shrinkage
D not more
74006СТТК-8/2 821.77.2–2.41.0010
79827СТТК-12/3 1231.810.8-3.61.2210
79828СТТК-22/6 2262.219.8-7.21.2210
79829СТТК-33/8 3382.529.7-9.61.225
79830СТТК-40/12 40122.536-14.41.225
79203СТТК-55/16 55162.749.5-19.21.225
61211СТТК-75/20 75203.067.5-241.005
79205СТТК-95/25 95253.085-301.225
65392СТТК-115/34 115343.3100-401.225
65393СТТК-140/40 140403.5125-481.225
64910СТТК-160/50 160503.5145-601.225
64911СТТК-200/55 200553.5180-661.225

* Thickness of the tube wall after shrinkage is given without taking into account thickness of adhesive layer

Retail Packaging Properties

Weight: 0.070000

Tertiary Packaging Properties